GCN Club Community Events


Training Rides With the GCN Club community

Lead by Club President Hank

Whilst we're all in lockdown we're going to start indoor training rides with our club president Hank. We'll be using some of the best online training platforms to make sure that you stay fit while we're not able to get outside as much. We're giving you, club members, exclusive access to join...

First Ever GCN Club Meet Up

Thursday 28th May, 7PM BST Hank is bringing the club together for an exclusive GCN Club Meet Up on Zwift. As this is our very first Zwift meet up, we have opened it up to the first 100 people who sign up. If it's very popular, we'll certainly consider another one! 

To sign up all you have to do is:

  • Have a Zwift account - if you don't you can sign up for a free trial

  • Email us at news@gcnclub.com with your Zwift username and Zwift account email

  • Search and Follow Hank on Zwift, his username is 'HANK GCN'

  • Hank will then invite you to the meet up in game. You will simply need to be logged on before the allocated time and join the meet up. We will bunch everyone together.